Hard work and dedication has gotten you here. Graduation is a momentous occasion for everyone important in your life.  Don't let these memories fade. Capture them with timeless photographs that will be cherished by you and your family for generations to come. 


It's just one photo to commemorate the occasion. If it's good enough for you, then you won't care about what I have to offer. But if you desire something more... 


Photo credit: This photo was taken by my wife Berry.

Photo credit: This photo was taken by my wife Berry.


If I have not already met you, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tan Khuu, and I am a student in the DDS class of 2018 here at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.

I picked up a camera over 15 years and couldn't quite put it down ever since. Six years ago, I booked my first client. At the time, I was a medical student who took to photography as a form of leisure. When I was not involved in patient care, or studying for exams, I helped clients capture the most precious moments of their lives: graduations, family portraits, engagements, weddings, maternity, and newborn.

Being a part of my clients' stories holds special meaning to me. It has been and always will be fulfilling work. I hope to continue to practice this art form through dental school and beyond.

Portrait of Mike. DDS Class of 2019

Portrait of Mike. DDS Class of 2019


You have a story, and your story is often told without you having to say a single word. In my experience, what's on the outside often mirrors what's on the inside. How you present and carry yourself speaks volumes about who you are.

The purpose of a portrait is to reproduce the essence of your likeness as well as your personality in the form of an image. The challenge lies in capturing the joy, confidence, and strong sense of purpose that gets expressed on your face and in your body language.  It's a skill I've never stopped developing - a skill that I hope to share with you.

My job is to present the best version of who you are. 

I pose and light you with thoughts of elegance in mind. Poise is what I'm after. With a little camera direction, such results are easily attainable.

Once you become a client, my focus is on giving you a great experience.

Communication is key. Response time is quick. You let me know what you need and I will find a way to accommodate you.

My Process


The Shoot

We'll find a day & time that works for us. The shoot is schedule for the morning (approximately 7-8 AM) or late afternoon (3:30- 4 PM). We will tour the campus and shoot at USC's most recognizable landmarks. A typical 60 minute session yields approximately 100 RAW images. 

Image Selection

RAW unedited images are uploaded to a private online gallery for viewing. You decide which photos you would like for me to retouch.  Once you've made your selections, your final images will be ready in 48 hours or less. 


Digital files can become damaged or obsolete. Protect your investment with high-quality long-lasting prints. All of my prints are produced on archival quality paper with high-grade inks engineered to last hundreds of years.


Shooting Locations

Tommy Trojan

Doheny Memorial Library

Mudd Hall of Philosophy

Bovard Administration Building

Von KleinSmid Center

USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

Allan Hancock Foundation Building

Tutor Center

Olin Hall of Engineering


My Retouching Philosophy 


Anything is possible when it comes to retouching. I will honor your retouching requests and do work that looks as natural as possible. Typical requests include: losing 5-10 lbs, better skin, healthy hair, reduce fine lines, make cloths fit better.

Best Skin Day

Most of us are born with perfect unblemished skin. As we age, exposure to the sun, diet, and other lifestyle choices can affect the look of our skin. No matter the state of your skin at the time of your session, I will reduce your pores, decrease fine lines, and remove any redness, giving you your best skin day ever.  

Best Hair Day

I ask that you condition your hair prior to your session. I want your hair to look as healthy as possible for the shoot. In post-production, retouching actions includes: adding subtle shine, volume, and cleaning up distracting stray hairs.


IMG_6952 copy.jpg



Other than the color grading, can you spot what I changed?

The difference is subtle, but small changes make a significant impact on the final feel of image. With its enriched color tones and balanced contrast, the resulting image is more visually pleasing to the eye. 



Your images are not meant to only exist on a flash drive. Make them tangible. Think of everyone who would love to have a photo of you to keep and cherish. I offer a wide selection of premium archival quality prints, canvas, frames, albums, and cards all customized to fit your needs.

Popular Products  

  • Announcement Cards
  • Flush-mount Heirloom Albums
  • Wall art
  • Framed Wall Collages
  • And Much More...

All product photography samples by

White House Custom Color Lab

WHCC is a premiere printing lab that serves discerning professional photographers.  Your images are printed on archival grade papers with inks that will (under proper conditions) last for lifetimes without fading.




Half-day Session (6 hours)

600+ Photos to choose from

Up to 40 retouched images

Set of 100 Announcement cards

12x12 Heirloom Album

$600 Print Credit

+ 5 Looks Professional Headshots

Custom Mobile App for photos 

- All digital files included - 




Quarter Day Session(3 hours)

300+ Photos to choose from

Up to 30 retouched images

Set of 50 Announcement Cards

10x10 Heirloom Album

$400 Print Credit

+ 3 Looks Professional Headshot

Custom Mobile App for photos

- All digital files included - 




Quarter Day Session (3 hours)

300+ Photos to choose from

Up to 20 retouched images

Set of 50 Announcement Cards

$200 Print Credit

+ 1 Look Professional Headshot

Custom Mobile App for photos

- All digital files included - 





60 minute Session

100+ Photos to choose from 

Digital files not included

Fully Retouched Digital files ($75 each)



Payment Plans are Available