A Bittersweet Moment for every class. 



SIMLAB is where life-long friendships are forged. You're brought together through the shared joys and frustrations of developing the technical skills that will enable you to do good dentistry. Transitioning into clinic is a great milestone. It's a milestone that marks the end of an era, and the beginning of a new chapter in your education.

You're happy because you are moving forward, but that same happiness exists with some measure of sadness (a feeling you probably won't truly appreciate until you're a few weeks or months into clinic.)  


You will go from spending upwards of 40 hours or more a week in the company of people who may have become your closest friends, to hardly getting to interact with them. My advice is to try to make time for them when you can. Because it's good for your soul and theirs. Nurture the relationships that matter to you, be kind, and be as helpful as you can to those around you.  


Clinic has its challenges. You'll have good days and bad days. Hopefully more good than bad. Just don't try to go at it alone. Come together with your classmates. Understand that you need one another to ride the storm ahead. Because weathering the storm together is comforting, perhaps even fun when you're in good company.  

Lastly, clinic is where you get to make a real difference with your work. Strive to do your best for your patients, because both you and they deserve nothing less. Your mentality in the next 2 years, can shape the trajectory of your entire career. Don't settle for mediocrity. Be exceptional whenever possible, but know that there will be moments when frustration and apathy may hold you in a rut. That's just your body and mind telling you that you're exhausted mentally and physically. Get some rest, feel better, then strive to be exceptional again. It's hard, but it gets easier each day. Good luck on the 2nd floor!

Yours truly,




If you'd like, I would love to capture the memory of this day for you. If you haven't already met me, my name is Tan and I'm a senior DDS student here at Ostrow. I suppose I'm most known for my photography work. I've been shooting for almost 2 decades. My favorite subject is people. I love portraiture and plan on doing it in some capacity for the rest of my life.

My pictures look the way they do because I've spent thousands of hours photographing hundreds of people, and retouching tens of thousands of pictures. I have a good sense of when to press the shutter button, how to color grade the images for balanced natural tones, and retouch skin and hair in such a way that looks natural and fresh.   



If you decide as a class, that you like the way I take pictures and would like for me to come to this special day to help you capture these memories, I do ask that you to support my effort with small individual contributions.

My special rate for this occasion is:

$5 per student in your class. 

Or Approximately $720 for 144 students. 

(This rate is for group shots of 2 or more people only, during ONE Photography Session.)

I will dedicate 120 minutes on a day of your choosing to photographing the following:

  • Section Group Photos

  • Sections with Faculty
  • Group Photos in general.

60 Minutes INDOORS

60 Minutes OUTDOORS (Natural Light)


After we are done with group photos, I would allocate time for individuals who want headshots. You're already dressed up, and I'm offering special group discount pricing.


Rates for this special occasion:

Special Rate for DDS 2020



up to 10 minute session

Unlimited Looks

Online Gallery

1 Retouched Images

High Resolution JPEG Images Delivered electronically

Non-commercial Usage License

Additional Retouching

$25 per file

We will take 20-30 pictures during the approximately 10 minute session. They will be uploaded to an online gallery for you to consider. You get to select 1 image for me to do close retouching for the special rate of $50. Additional photos can be selected for final retouching for $25 USD per photo. The images you paid for will not be watermarked.

Example Rate:

$50 rate for this occasion pays for a 10 minute mini-session and 1 retouched image.  During the session, you have the opportunity to change into another outfit. Say you want a headshot wearing your white coat and one wearing business attire. You can do this during your session.  You may select 1 image for final retouch and pay an additional $25 for the 2nd retouched file. 

$50 + $25 = $75 for: 1 white coat headshot and 1 business attire headshot.  Choose as many additional photos as you'd like for me to edit for $25 per file.  

Retouching Policy

Your best skin and hair day! I will retouch your skin to remove anything that is not permanent. I typically leave beauty marks alone. I simply remove acne, and other irritated spots that appear erythematous. Hair is cleaned up. Distracting stray hairs are removed, shine is added, and volume increased. At your request, I can also take off about 5 lbs (any more and it looks unrealistic.)  More extensive retouching requests require more time, and consequently costs more.

Turn Around Time

For a project of this size. The turn-around time is approximately 1 week. For Group shots, I will upload the photos to a gallery that will be shared with your class. You may download those photos at your own convenience. 


Don't hesitate to ask. The best way to reach me is through Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, or Email.